Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Thoughts for the f*$£@~#!! day.

What the hell kind of name is 'Nigella'.

Wondering what Katy Perry would look like without make-up.

I can't believe that after all these years, Nick Sharratt is STILL illustrating Jacqueline Wilson books.

Camara Mascara - does that only rhyme in my accent, or do americans say the 'a' different? Curious. (If so, it is my new nickname for youh.)
Cam: lmao over here that doesn't rhyme at all
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Cam: it must be the accent
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Star: ‎... oh shit. serious? you know, i didn't wonder. in one of chiddy bangs songs he says
| it like, mas-kerra. i was like WHAT ._.
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Star: okay thnkuus
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Star: you have fulfilled my immediate desire. farewell :3 ♥
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Little Mix? SO we're comparing Little Mix to the SPICE GIRLS? Are you serious-?! Okay stop. They do not have a distinctive look, their harmonies are terrible, they don't have a unique persona (ginger spice, baby spice, etc), their style is horrible, its just, as Carmela would say, a hot mess. (i think that's what she says.) I hope they do make it, but they will need to work SO HARD - and its WAAY too early to be comparing them to the Spice Girls. Waay to early.

Bought my best friends' presents today. V
ery happy.

Already spent almost £100 on christmas presents. Unimpressed.

LMAO. It seems I am now using my facebook like a f$£&#~@! twitter account.

... to clarify, I don't have a Twitter.

So, I was doing online Christmas shopping. I didn't want to go overdraft or whatever-youmacallit so I checked my bank account, (I was afraid of fraud so I had changed the password) but then realised I'd forgotten the p/w. Reset my pass, and was then instructed to call my bank's number to confirm that I was me. It was eleven o'clock at night, so clearly, that was not happening. Waited til morning to call, called them, answered security questions, GOT THE SECURITY QUESTIONS WRONG, can you fucking believe it, and now they have to send a security pin to confirm that it really is me. It takes FIVE FREAKING WORKING DAYS for the security pin to arrive.

...none of you will get presents this year if shit continues.

I was so upset this morning. Set my heart on seeing a college friend's show, which i knew about a week in advance - but despite all, I was
 booked overtime at work and unable to go after all. I felt like I let her down.

You know when you see the most beautiful boy on the train and you don't wanna get off...

You know that hilarious moment when you see people risking their life running across the road when the little man is red, then embarassedly slowly down when they see everybody else crossing normally; the cars had just stopped because the little man was about to turn green anyway.

To my fb friends: you should probably change your settings to hide all my random shit that's most likely coming up on your home page.

I hate it when boys you like turn into assholes.

Going to repeat something my colleague said to me on my first day of work - 'You get customers who are sooo lovely, who can brighten up your mood for ages - but you also get that one customer who ruins your day.' Thank God, got none of those today. And despite all, I manage to stay positive at work. God knows how, because everything else in life is a mess at the moment.

'Despite all' seems to be my favourite phrase at the moment.

Despite all the terrible weeks I've been having lately, plus the garish nightmares and the ominous Return of the Insomnia (I used to suffer badly from this, so when it Returns, it really hits me hard. Hence the capitalisation.), I'm able to find my happy place before long. Must thank the family and my dear mama for that.

I guess I should write something now. Being a writer and all.

Star xx

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