Saturday, 24 December 2011

Time For Some Cheering Up.

MERRY CHRISTMAS, from Mz Star :')

And I thank One Stop Humour for making my day.

Where is my pony?

We told you we didn't want your kind around here.
We Told You We Didn't Want Your Kind Around Here

Troll Windows

Clever Bloke!

Are you real?

Star Fox Is Down

Slow Down

OMG.... A CUPCAKE !!!!!
Omg....A Cupcake!

Anytime You Want To Talk...

That Awkward Moment When...

Who Agrees?

Best Bed Ever??!!!
Best Bed Ever!

How Mario Came About

Pizza I choose you!

Neo Learns From The Matrix

Yeah I Think I Will Give You 10 Points For That

Now Thats Just Lazy

F**k logic!

Father explanation needed!

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