Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Went out last night.

Warning: some random BS follows this warning. Proceed?

First night of going out clubbing ever. Got hit on by these two guys, which would've been creepy if it wasn't so funny. Only had two drinks, one of them alcoholic - not a disappointment as such but I wanted another one >=( It didn't matter though, it meant I could fully enjoy the music, me and my two friends who I love to bits, Lu & Bean.

Rihanna was played a grand total of - three times; S&M remix, Rudeboy remix, We Found Love original. Which was okay, because I just danced through it - but despite my recent warmth towards Rihanna's new style on her music, now her style is settling in to the same thing and it desperately bores me.

Drake was also played yesterday, Headlines and I'm On One, as (seemingly) requested for me by some guy I've never even met before. Best. Ever.

Dressed up properly - which I realised, wasn't even necessary, some people turned up in jeans and surprisingly casual clothes. Also did my make-up properly: liquid & powder foundation, nude coloured lipstick - which for me would be Creme Mink by Revlon - and a 
thin layer of golden eyeshadow above black liquid eyeliner; something I thought up myself, though it was my first time doing proper full-face make-up so I probably saw it somewhere and subconsciously stored it. As, like I mentioned before, I unknowingly did with various things I've seen that somehow filter into my fiction...

Almost collapsed at work today. Despite getting six and a half hours sleep, I guess that just wasn't enough for five hours work. Entertained myself by replaying last nights events in my head, but it took me ages to get anything done and I my body felt sluggish. Eh. Well.

Reaching that state of Eternal Tiredness again, (- as you can tell - because through this entire blog post practically none of my sentences began formally with the pronoun 'I' - ) must return to my crypt for slumber before I freakin collapse. One more blog post before bed, methinks. As always, neglecting Starlit. Must make a better effort to write/ post more fiction.

The ShanStar xx

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