Monday, 20 February 2012

Neef Fresh (Beauty)

Neef Fresh - as of sometime two years ago - my favourite beauty and fashion photographer. The combination of angle, style and posture in a lot of her work is so delicately put together and I adore it. I am a curious but essentially simple creature; bright colours catch my attention and make me happy, haha.

Not gonna lie; this reminds me of Nicki Minaj. I love the contrasts of candyfloss pink, sandy blonde, peach and gold 
in this shot. It's a nice colour scheme. The model makes me think of a doll.

(I know this is really subtle but I pick up on shit like this -) I have a little thing about the colours pink, purple and blue being used together in any scenario. Look at her tiny earring, her bold eyeshadow and then her lips. ....see? Pretty, huh? That's why I like this picture. Tiny bursts of colour on what's otherwise a nice, neutral image.

 This is one of my FAVOURITES. The headband! The shades! The ring! The nails! They go together perfectly. I couldn't explain it any more. Sophistication is the first thing that comes to mind when I see this, but the headband throws the whole thing off and makes it edgy; that's why I love this one. (Also, the background made me think that this was taken outside against a hedge or summin'. I only realised that it was actually green leopard print literally right now.

Modelled by the same girl as above. This is another of my favourites. I adore pink, and there's so damn much of it. 
Contrasts vividly with the lime green background, which I like. Everything jumps out at you; the darkness of her eyeshadow, the brightness of her lipstick. Plus the tiny leopard patterning on her glasses is cute. :')

 ... I do believe its the same girl AGAIN =D This one I don't actually like that much , and yet I included it in this post, dunno why... the huge thick chain (unlike the first picture,) seems hefty and awkward; not a fan of quiff-like hair; the ring... well, what's there to say? It's HUGE; and the glasses look like the protective goggles I used to wear in my secondary school science labs. However. The glasses have a futuristic feel that kinda works. The purple pearlescent earring is just gorgeous - and in my favourite colour. The ring is a perfect shade of pink, and I don't know what's going on with that yellow lipstick but the blue nails are amazinn. The bit I like best through is the blue, yellow and pink eyeshadow that matches her ring, nails and lipstick. It's so subtle that at first, I thought it was actually a reflection in her glasses.

Glasses; Hair; Lips; 'Pow'. That's all I think when I see this. Catchy. Sharp. Nicee.

 Hello? What's with all these choker chains going on?! Is this a trend? Oh. Maybe its just that my favourite of Neef's work include chains. (Let's just hope it not my subconscious trying to tell me something. LOL. Anyway.) Like Purple-Eyeshadow-Girl, when I see this I see bursts of colour on a canvas. The pink and blue - (what would you even call that? Too light for Smoky Blue, too pale for Turquoise or Cobalt... lets call it Baby Blue then -) the fuchsia and baby blue paired together are so nice to look at. The black background makes everything stand out - however it also camouflages the hair, but I don't mind that so much - like I said, I don't really like quiffs.
 And wow... her eyelashes.

I don't think I can really say much on this one. It's just too incredible. The scarlet is bold and the upraised chin gives a sense of pride. It's a strong image.

The black and white makes this picture feel earthy. 
The headband and feather earrings somehow give a tribal look; that's why I like this one.

Going to sleep now, before my brain explodes. Peace.
Star xx


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