Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Ad Fashion

Just a collection of things I fleetingly saw and really liked in the Metro newspaper and the free little mag that comes with it sometimes, Stylist.

You know me. I like visual stimulants. :')
(Which really just involves me scrolling through pretty and colourful pictures. Such is the life of a lazy writer.)
The Grown Up Ponytail

This came from an article in Stylist called Revolutionise Your Blow-Dry. I didn't like any of the styles (plus, they wouldn't work as intended on my afro-hair) but there was one that I adored called the Grown-Up Ponytail.

  • This look works best the day after a blow-dry when the hair has settled down and is more malleable. To add some extra texture thoughout, spray the roots with a dry shampoo, £2.99, Batiste and brush through to the ends.
  • Using a flat brush – Oval Dressing Brush, £20, ghd, – smooth the hair back from the crown and keep it tight at the sides.
  • Leave a little height on top to soften the face and secure with a thin band at the back of the head in line with the top of the ears – this will ensure the ponytail retains more volume than it would at the nape of the neck.
  • Add a slick fashion edge to the ponytail by lightly misting the head with a shine spray such as Meta Sheer Dry Oil Finishing Spray, £23, Serge Normant.
  • Finish by wrapping ribbon – head to VV Rouleaux for the best selection – around the base of the ponytail and fixing into a bow, for extra Sixties nonchalance.

H&M Knitted Dress

For reasons I can't explain, I absolutely love this picture. Its just so natural. I love how casual it is and I love the dresses, they're so cutee. Saw this in the newspaper before Christmas.


Saw this is the Music section of a newspaper; London based girl group. Never heard of them before but I love their style! 

^ the jumpsuit =O

^ pink croptop and skirt omg <3

^those glasses are the business. (Love that girl's jumper too.)
^ I love this picture as a whole... they all compliment each other so nicely!!

^ again, I love this image as a whole...
I listened to their song 'Love M'e as well, it's really good. They all have confident, unique singing voices. J'aime.

Who remembers...?

... Lacoste,'Touch Of Pink'? I do, because I remember wanting the dress the girl in the advert, for ages and ages.

Despite my clear neglect of what was originally intended to be a 'writer's blog', I'm continuing with my business plan now. Wish me success!

Love, from aunty Star. heh =]

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