Thursday, 1 March 2012

Brian Tracy and The Miracle Of Self Discipline

My Progress

Its the first of March, and I feel as if I'm in a completely different place to where I was at the beginning of February, even though technically I'm in exactly the same place, I just left and came around full circle in the space of 29 days. (Leap year, yay!)

Using The Miracle Of Self Discipline, I've managed to implement certain structures into my life that not only order my mind and my time, but also make me always feel as if I'm doing something worthwhile every moment of the day. My day used to be a sluggish mesh of things, now I'm progressing forward and doing a lot of stuff I didn't get to do before.

The moment I wake up, it's either yoga or a power walk. This happens at around 6am every morning, (although only because I start work at 8.30, to be honest. If I started later, I'd probably wake a little later) and I'm doing my Daily Goal Setting diectly after that. Those are both on my Daily Time Management list - anything that not on the list won't be done. I'm always looking at that list throughout the day, and I never forget the stuff I need to do. I feel a lot better now I'm drinking so much more water and eating more fruit.

One of the disciplines was on learning - I'm going to read at least ONE spiritual book a week. That equates to fifty-two books a year, which is equal to a PhD in the field of spirituality. HECK YA. At the moment, I think I'm pushing about seven books a year, which IS good considering that the average adult reads ONE book a year, but I could be doing  lot better, especially as I love to read and did so a lot more when I was younger. So yeah, basically. I'm 'bout to smash my personal record. Bring on Diana Cooper.

The one thing I wasn't aware was going to change so drastically was my preference to things like music. As I've been practising sitting in solitude, I realised just how desperately I needed something as blissful and as simple as silence. When I was the most stressed, the only thing that could calm me and take my mind off my worries was listening to instrumental music that captured my imagination and inspired me (- at the moment, the soundtrack to the Jade Empire and The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword games are the only ones that do it). The good thing was that the lack of words gave only an atmosphere, not a theme. Now I've begun my self disciplines, I really don't like listening to any kind of music with words - because I suddenly feel like the stuff people sing about nowadays are stupid, pointless, egoistic, or plain ridiculous, and have no real emotion whatsoever. The genres I used to listen to, RnB, rock, alternative, indie, dubstep and dance-electronica - all the artists I used to listen to; Drake, Nicki Minaj, etc - kinda bore me now. Rock music, as much as I love it, is too dissonant for my soul right now. Any type of commercial music really irritates me.

I listen to spiritual music a lot more than before; Maya Fiennes, Kate McKenzie, etc. Plus I should really get those old CD's Mama had of the sounds of the sea or waterfalls on my iPod, because that's what's going to keep me calm and focussed. It's old that I feel this way (lol I'm ninteteen, not ninety-nine) but I know that's what I need for the moment. My feelings may change again soon. Who knows.

And GOD - I want to buy SO many crystals. I want to light up my room with them. Them and scratchcards. And plants, to fill it with life and healing energy. I'm going to try really hard to raise my frequency this year, especially with this year (2012) being such a pivotal year for spiritual change, either for better or worse. So, I'm saving up for loads of nice stuff that make me happy. WOOT!

Love and Light, always.
SK. xx

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