Saturday, 24 March 2012


These last few days, the weather had been so beautiful that for London, in March, its just unbelievable.

That's only one factor that's helped add to my positive mood. I feel a lot better physically now I'm not eating so much crap and doing my excerise daily again. I'm also taking this appetite supplement I found in As Nature Intended to help with it. On top of that, I'm continuing to write Battlegame Forfeit, even though The Hunger Games was released this week and the advertisement for it is bombarding me everywhere. Once I put my mind to it, turning that frustration of that into a motivation had really helped.

Oh - and did I mention? I'm starting my own business.

I have to give the credit to the books I read recently; Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, and Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. That sparked the epiphany. I want to control my income. I want to work to benefit myself and help my family, not just the guy who owns the company I work for who then pays me - and I eventually get what's left over after tax. I want to publish my own work, including my novels and so much more. I'm also considering an online business - eBay will be consuming much of my time today, because I reread The Internet Income Detective issues by Jon Street (who is amazing, by the way), and I feel so inspired that I am compelled to do something TODAY. Right now. So I am GOING to make it work, and I'm am GOING to make made a decent start by tomorrow. That's a promise. :)

I must always tell myself; I have a burning desire to be financially independent and I will NEVER STOP until I have realised my goal. I'm quite excited, actually. Being 19 years old, I feel like I've got time to make it work and (hopefully not, but I can't rule this out) make mistakes, so I can learn from them. Anyway, I'm just updating. I won't spend any more time writing this when I could be making a fortune =D Well, I'm off to start a business. Ciao!

Mz Dark Star


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