Monday, 4 June 2012


Queen Elizabeth II :)

It's Bank Holiday Monday. Despite that, my workplace is still open for business - I'm not surprised, they were open on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day. Even though England is a Christian country, I don't doubt that in a decade or so, every business will be open 24 hours on every single day of the year without fail. It's kind of inevitable. There's too many people who love money.

Anyway, I can't complain - not today, anyway, because I'm not working this Bank Holiday.

There are an estimate of 100,000 street parties taking place right now, celebrating the Queen's Jubilee. (Even time I think of the Queen's Jubilee, I can't help but think of Jubilee aka Jubilation Lee, who is one of my favourite X-Men and seriously underrated. One thing I will never get is why in hell the comic creators gave her the birth name Jubilation Lee if she was always going to be called Jubilee for short anyway. They're next to each other in the dictionary. Jubilation - a triumph, great happiness, etc. Jubilee - a special anniversary. Doesn't make sense, does it? In know this is the Marvel Universe, but what decent parents would name their child 'Jubilation' anyway?)

Even though I decided not to go to the street party about a minute from my house, I saved a pull-out from The Sun newspaper from last Friday (1st June) and I must say, I'm in awe at everything the Queen has lived and reigned through, from the Wars to 9/11 to Diana's death to the rise of Feminism to the age of the internet and computer technology. Must be pretty nice to stay holed up in a nice little palace, coming out to show your face once in a while. Must be a nice life. The Queen must be one strong lady. If that was me, I would just accept that the world is damned and never bloody come out.

I've been told by my doctor that I need Counselling - I'm not surprised at that either. I guess I had it coming. I feel a bit better nowadays, trying to keep myself busy. My head had been exploding with ideas for fantasy and sci-fi fiction but suddenly I can't bring myself to write them down. Instead I keep them all in my head to the point where I start living them. People have actually found me muttering to myself. Genius of crazy? Jeez, you tell me.

I've been neglecting this blog, and as a writer who can't even be bothered to write fiction regularly, that's kinda shit. So I'm thinking I'll try a seven days of consecutive blogging. Some posts will probably be only a video of photo but at least I can try to keep up with the world/myself/life. I've got loooads of notebooks at the ready - one to do Brian Tracy's Think On Paper if I feel depression in coming on again, one to do Abraham Hick's Positive Aspects Book/Positive Thinking/Tell A New And Improved Story Of Your Life, one to write my family history, one to write my family's pet's history, and one that I'm SUPPOSED to be writing my story ideas in but we haven't exactly been communicating much lately.

Lets see how it goes. I'll wake you when the worst is over.



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