Monday, 17 December 2012

Getting The Movies Game Up And F**king Running

... on a Windows 7 64-bit system like my beautiful HP Intel Core i3 blah-blah majesty, that gives every game made before it the cold shoulder. Like The Sims 2. Did I tell you about my The Sims 2 pain? Well I won't. It hurts. I dread to think what fuss it will make about Restaurant Empire.

I have searched the web long and hard for answers, and by stringing together bits and pieces, I finally found the answer! The Movies runs! YAAAAAY

So here I'll post the full step-by-step guide hoping that I will A - help someone else in need and B - not miss anything out.


1. Insert The Movies disc into computer. DO NOT AUTORUN or some (Library not registered) message or another error comes up.

2. Go to CD/DVD drive, right click, Open In New Window. Right click on The Movies(TM) (it’s says Windows Installer under ‘Type’) -> Properties -> Compatibility -> Tick ‘Run This Program In Compatibility Mode For’ and select ‘Previous Version Of Windows’.

3. OPTION A: There re two ways to do this bit. Either copy files onto hard drive: My Computer -> right click CD/DVD drive -> copy -> paste in Local C disc whatever. Then, go to the Setup.exe file (under ‘Type’ it says ‘Application’), right click and Run As Administrator.

(the following method is easier)

3. OPTION B: Go to CD/DVD via My Computer. Right click on it (it should show the Movies game icon) and Open In New Window. From there, simply find the Setup.exe file (it might just be ‘Setup’, type is ‘Application) and Run As Administrator.

So, two different ways of saying essentially the same thing.

4. It will ask for your key code, install, ask if you want to register, install Windows Player 9, or DirectX 9. Finished installation and makes a shortcut on desktop.

(this is the fuck-up.)


5. Double clicking the My Computer CD drive brings up a compatibility issue window – click ‘Run Program’. Then it will (probably) say: "Library not registered" or “Cannot locate The Movies(TM) CD. Please insert the CD and restart application.” So, naturally, I try the Desktop shortcut. This does more or less the same thing, even though I haven’t removed the CD after I installed the game.


6. Right click desktop shortcut. Properties -> Compatibility tab -> Select ‘Run this program in compatibility mode for:’. Now, most people advise Windows XP (Service Pack 3), failing that, Windows XP (Service Pack 2). However I got the same ‘cannot locate CD’ BS.

Yahoo! Answers: Issues With The Movies On Windows 7

7. You must set compatibility mode to Window 98 / Windows Me, then right click shortcut and Run As Administrator.

AND THEN IT WILL RUN. At least, it did for me.

After so long, IT WORKS! I AM JOVIAL!!

Star x



Wednesday, 12 December 2012

12/12/12 & Tribute To

A Banner I was using a lot on the Forum. 

It's the last time the date will be the 12th of the 12th of 2012 in my lifetime. The next time will be in the year 2112, when all of us are dead.

SO, to celebrate that very joyous and happy tone, let's reminisce.


Without The New B5 Online forum, I wouldn't be the writer I am today (whatever the fuck that means, but you get the point.) When I was most inspired to write, I was part of a great community that consisted of a bunch of motivated, hilarious and intriguing people - who I'm sure exist in the world somewhere and aren't paedophiles (LOL) - my point is that I don't personally know anybody like the Forum Girls in real life. Which might be insinuating that I didn't have a life back then, I don't know.

My 'Forum Days' feel so, so long ago, but there are some things I remember as clear as day.


The recurring topic - and point - of the forum. This boyband has done more comebacks than Diddy, though admittedly they only changed their name once - to Audio. -sigh- I shake my head and slap it and cringe and vom.

The point is, their comebacks were rarely successful after they left Badboy Record (Diddy's label) and it was a shame, as they kept trying and were making progress. Of course, until they renounced R&B and started doing all the shit that's making Usher and Black Eyed Peas more these days. Yeah.

I will never deny that 'Put Me On', 'Erica Cane' and 'Ice Cream' were songs so great that compared to the rest of their album, you wonder if they were on crack when they recorded it. They were like Drake - when they were bad, they were REALLY bad, but when they were good it was like, 'Well durh! Where have you been hiding the last two tracks?' B5 had personalities that were so perfect for crafting stories, plus they kept contact with their fans through various social networks. And after all, they were the source that brought the Forum gang together.

Stories and their Writers

This is the part where I sound geeky and nerdy, but it's kinda important to me so stfu.

Roundabout the time the forum started up, there were some people doing stories that EVERYBODY loved. There were so popular and constantly being 'BUMP' -ed. ('bump' means they want to to write more.)

by SavageSwagg, or Jahmoni Nicole as we knew her after. I don't what  WHAT it is about this story that was so addicting, but it was probably because its twists were so good and unpredictable that you couldn't stop reading. I keep refreshing the story in my head so I don't forget it.

-There was this one story that was a Twilight fanfic with B5 in it. Loads of people loved it and I remember it being somewhat interesting. It was written by Pink Bandana Stories. (I would be so pissed after writing a story that good and then finding Fifty Shades published... fail)

Since then, there have been so many things that I've read and loved, or that have inspired me. Some of them, I remember more than others.

-Part Of The List,
by... IheartBryanBreeding or something? I'm pretty sure her name was Emily. She wrote in a very special way. Even when the story fell down, she engaged you.

-Something about Anaconda and buns
Kasey wrote that one. God, can't even remember what her screen name was, now. But the story was SO. FUNNY.

-What I Want
By best friend Lola wrote that one. God, she is hilarious. I loved that story because I could hear her voice in it. Also - sorry Lo - it was kinda predictable, which made it fun to guess in advance.

-Divine Drugs
by intenseSOUL, who was actually Hassana (I'm pretty sure. Could've been her twin Rashana, but pretty sure it was the former.) This story was so full of potential that I read it over several times. RANDOM FACT, but that was what inspired my Kiss Kiss Bandits in the very first place, but you would never guess because it did a lot of evolving. Then after, her 'Bossits' story reminded my of KKB, which was quite ironic.

by wtfitsRissababe aka RISSA!!! Oh, what a shitload of fun. This one was the BUSINESS. So much drama, I could barely take it. Aye, Karissa was good, and she knew it.

Man, what else was there? I can barely remember.

EDIT: I REMEMBERED ONE!! (Well no, I went on the KKB forum)
-Living With The Enemy,
by Carmela!!!! Can't remember her screen name but who cares? It's CARMELAAA! To be honest, I think I preferred Deadly Kisses and that awesome one about Zion. But LWTE had so many memories attached to it. Aw man. Nostalgia.

-by brygirl or something - aka Chante. She had one that was really good but I can't remember it's name. I can only remember 'Masquerade', which was another one she did that wasn't AS good. Damn.
EDIT: I went on the KKB Forum - it was called BEAUTIFUL MONSTER!!! Hehehehehehahahee

-Love At First Sight
my Forum homie Kamaria (b5grl01 or something?) had this one that was like a modern day Midsummer's night's dream, without the supernatural faeries and that. It was really cool and I distinctly remember Carmela and I threatening her to finishing it (something about a N!gga Be Cool stick...?)

And then of course...

Writers and their stories

First, I just  HAVE to say,

- ChilosaSwagg aka Shaire !
Probably shouldn't be saying this, but all of her stories were my favourites, so I guess that single-handedly makes her my favourite writer on the Forum. It's a little depressing how good she is. Anyway. She wrote;
- The Dirty
- List Of 31
- Without An Eraser (WAE)
- Lottery
- And another which she never finished =( All my favourites.

Man, I wish I could remember all of the rest...
Ah I do remember one of them!

She also had a really edgy way of writing that was very very awesome. She wrote;
-Blend In

And they were just as inspiring as Shaire's. There were many more who I'm not doing justice. There were some talented peeps on there. By the time the forum shut down, it wasn't even about B5 any more (no offence B5, lol).

People who will forever stick with me

Mainly for showing faith in me when I had none and just being crazy and cheery and brightening my day. I use most of their names in my fiction so that I never forget them. -ahem- Shoutouts:

Kamaria, Nicole, Carmela, Chante, Shaire, Camara, Adrienne, Tally, Marie, Crystal, Miya, Chawntae, Tie,  Jasmine, Hassana, Rashana, Karissa, Lani, Rosie, Brianna, Portia, Stephany, Aaliyah, Alei Charisma, Nina Marie, Jahmoni Nicole, Yari, Kasey, Erica, Nay, Shakira, Janice, Nikki, Tiara (Tiarapahpiin) - and I don't care what ANYBODY SAYS - Kandi, whoever she really is. Thank you for the memories, guys.

If I've forgotten you, leave an anonymous comment underneath and shout yourself out!! Hey, that would be as exciting as hell.


Okay, reminiscing done. About an hour until 12/12/12 ceases to exist. Better use it to catch up on overdue University essays. Or some SLEEP. Ciao.

Peace, Love.

Star xx
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