Friday, 25 January 2013


... for Shen Yun 2013 and I am SO EXCITED!

It was a bit of a blow to the stomach to find that I was paying £70 for my ticket (last year I paid £30 for a balcony seat, this year it's a bit closer but the theatre is also smaller. I guess that's why the cheaper tickets sold out so fast.) and I'm also brining my Mum along with me this year, so that £140 gone in puff of smoke.

Trying not to think of the food/books/outings/clothes/games/travel expenses that money could've gone towards because I know Shen Yun will be damn worth it... but really. Next year I MUST BE QUICKER.

(Although saying that, the £40 seats were crap. They're right at the side so you'd only be able to see half of the stage anyway.)

I asked my sister Azure (she teaches dance in a college) to come along and she sounded keen until I told her how much I was paying for my ticket. She point blank refused and didn't mention it again.

I get her point. We - well, more recently 'she' - goes to see shows all the time, and I think the most she's ever paid for a ticket is like £50, and that was in the very front row of the theatre, right in the middle.

Anyway, thinking of it reminded me that I haven't been to Sadlers Well's in a while. God, last time I saw Zoonation perform was yonks ago, it was the very first showing of Into The Hoods. I'm thinking of going to see Some Like It Hip Hop this time, but then there's Matthew Bourne's Sleeping Beauty performed by New Adventures which will also be phenomenal. A few summers ago I did a workshop with the New Adventures company, and I've seen Swan Lake, so I don't think I should miss this one. But then there's Sadlers Well's Sampled. That's always good.

Ah, it's strange doing to see dance and not being a dancer any more. Weirder still as I only made the decision to, er, discontinue... my dance education last year. It's not too late.

And yet, I don't see myself dancing again.

Star xx

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