Thursday, 10 January 2013

The Urban Piper (Development)

(I'm supposed to be writing my uni essay right now. Deadline Monday.)

I'm shuddering as I write this: I am so in love with my story. It's insane. I adore my characters, they now walk and live completely on their own. How bizarre to think that made concepts I thought up years ago are alive, doing their own thing, living their lives and playing out the story their own way.

The Urban Piper, QUE$T, Architecture/Clear Faith, and Detonator are rioting around my head. Whenever I play a certain type of music, one of the latter three start playing in my head, like a movie. The Urban Piper isn't yet 'set' to music, but that makes it even more amazing how one action, or thought, or spark of inspiration makes several scenes unfolded in front of me.

Well, I say 'in front of me'...

The Urban Piper is so, crazy. I know Nicole, Chante, Jaiye and Jansci Blythe, the Piper himself - especially Shaire (Alleycat), Kitten and Leigh, like we're close friends. They tell me, 'I wanna go here, and do this'. 'I don't want to go out with him.' And Airo tells me, 'Ummmm I think it's time I made an appearance in this bitch!' I'm really excited to get it finished. It's a bit of a struggle, but with the end so clearly in sight,  gotta keep trying. So many secret things unfold and reveal themselves, and I'm like AHHHHHH I CAN'T BELIEVE I THOUGHT OF THIS!

There are a few issues really bugging me though.

US or UK English? Set in Paducah or London? Or in a fictional town? Is that like, a cheat, if I do that? I wondered whether to make it supernatural, but now there's enough substance without that. Also the chapter are arranged by location, and in each chapter are three parts. I'm wondering whether to leave that or take it out. Eh. *shrug* I'll figure it out.

Real Life

Okay so, back to what's up with me. I changed my diet drastically, now it's mainly fruit and veg, little bit of protein in the form of meat or nuts, drowning myself in water, tea and organic pressed apple juice from Sainsbury's and spending a fortune on all these organic vegetables but GUESS WHAT?

Sleep has come easy. Insomnia's been banished. My depression has pretty much lifted. I knew this would happen when I changed my diet but putting it into practice and feeling the effects?

....well yeah, that's pretty fucking amazing.

I have my moments were I feel really lost, alone, or sad or angry for no reason. I still think this world is going to shit but I'm trying to think positive (lol clearly). I gotta keep it up - I think it's going pretty well so far! I'm just glad that I can finally stop with the depressing suicidal blog posts. To think, I started up this blog for my bloody fiction and I've hardly posted any!

In terms of alter-egos, S.K. has taken a hike. I'm back to me now, but who am I? Well... I guess I'm Star.

Peace and Love.

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