Monday, 25 March 2013

Appeal To Abraham Hicks

I hope Abraham can help me at this time.

I am making it my goal to do everything within my power to learn, grow, move forwards and above all be happy. I pray that I learn what I need to learn from those around me, accept that they live in my world, but ultimately focus on my own happiness and well-being and bring positive vibrations into my experience. I understand that I have and am and will get things wrong, but I want to learn how to be better. It's difficult to forever stay in a place that constantly moves towards the positive but I am trying, as I will continue to do until I 'croak'.

There's so much I want to learn. There is so much I am afraid of, like death. I am afraid of my death, the death of friends and loved ones. How do I accept and let go of that fear?

There's so much I want to do in my life. I have so many goals I want to accomplish. I want these things so badly, and although part of me eagerly awaits their arrival, another part fears that it will never come. How do I let go of that fear?

A few months ago, I heard about Amanda Todd for the first time. I found it hard to get to sleep that night. My sorrow that she went through such a horrific experience and that people in the world could be so cruel was immense. It swallowed me whole. There are little things I hear about that make me feel so depressed that for a short while, I feel removed from this world. The earth feels so empty, the couple billion people on it are nothing compared to the vastness of all the planets and stars in the universe.

BUT I UNDERSTAND that I have to keep moving towards a positive vibration, or my experience on Earth will not be a pleasant one.

I want to remember to give more gratitude for what I have in my daily life.

I want to attract the incredible experiences of the world into my life.

I want myself, and my friends and family, to be happy in this lifetime.

So I ask of Abraham Hicks, please bestow your guidance on me. I am already eternally grateful to know that Source Energy is in me, and I only ask to be graced with further wisdom.

With Love,

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