Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Pissed as fuck.

Do I need a reason to be pissed? No? Then fuck it all.

For some reason beyond me, I am having a bad day. Admitting it and not trying harder to find my Happy Place goes against every lesson on vibrations that I have ever heard from Abraham, but I have no choice but to try again tomorrow. Because it's as sure as fuck not happening today.

Also, lately I've been really hungry. Sounds weird and slightly irrelevant, but I'm sure it has a factor in the way I feel today. Not sure how I should be combatting this. I have a few possible theories for why I am constantly hungry:

- Despite that I am eating frequency, I'm not eating what I need to be eating in order to feel satisfied, ie. I am still lacking in a vitamin;
- I am not chewing my food properly because I am eating too fast because I am hungry, hence not allow the nutrients in my food to be released and satisfy the hunger craving...;
- Despite eating frequently, I still crave the taste of certain foods without realising that I'm not actually hungry;
- I'm actually thirsty and not hungry but not realising it.


So, why the BUMBLECRACKERS are EA shutting down The Sims 2 site? ARGHH! Okay, I get it, the site (and the game) is getting old. Maybe they don't wanna maintain it anymore because it's not longer a good investment of time and money. But I am really really pissed because...

... well as I mentioned in previous posts, my sims 2 game is getting dodgy on this laptop. It runs fine but there are a shitload of glitches.

First off, one of my sims called Shiroi gets this dodgy outfit when she does certain things. Kind of like burnt skin, but it looks a like robot with multi-coloured squares on it like she just walked out of byte-land or something. It's weird, it's creepy, but thankfully it goes away when she takes a shower and redresses.

Second, another sim, Susan Diablo, had the shower graphic of spraying water fixed to her. It happened because I made her fix the broken shower and fast-forwarded it to make her finish it quickly, but then the spurting water graphic was fixed to her wherever she went. It was SO ANNOYING. It looked like she was doing some crazy sweating, not funny at all. To make it stop, I had to use the cheat 'moveobjects on', delete her, and then go back into the game.

Third, I had four chairs around a rectangular table. When the Dad sim - I think it was Checo Ramirez from Bluewater Village - sat in it, he got stuck and couldn't get out. I think I had to delete the chair and the table in Buy/Build mode to get him out.

Fourth, but certainly not last, no matter how many windows I place in the house, there's no light coming in. I have to keep the lightbulbs switches on all the time to actually SEE wtf my sims are doing.

See? It doesn't MASSIVELY interrupt the gameplay but its annoying! And I'm tired of being told by people (well, only my sister Azure) to switch to Sims 3. I will! But I'll do it when I'm good and ready! I wanted to download the patches to help my game run smoother, but I can't get a hold of that now. Can't even tell you how irritated this has made me. smhwtfmkmt.

Plus, there was this amazing story on the Sims 2 site by a user called psychopete7 (actually it might have been psychopete 9) who created 'Answer The Phone', 'Horror', and... idk, this one about a crazy lady, might've been called 'Mind'. I remember the chapters were in Roman numerals.

I did find a site called simpvip that has downloaded and uploaded the sims 2 patches in lieu of the site being closed, so good on them. At least Sims 2 users know that it's there.


Pink Sovereign is on it's way to being done. I am massively pleased with the mascot I created for it, because she is really really cute. I adore her. ^

So I'ma just hang on to that until I go to bed because otherwise, everything in life feels shit right now.

Guess it's just one of those days.



  1. They're shutting the Sims 2 site down?! No way! That sucks. I loved reading stories on there a long time ago. I still have some saved to my Favorites lol. And some of the downloads are awesome!

    1. Yeah, I know. The Sims 2 site is still kind of lingering, not exactly 'offline' but nothing is on it. How can the Sims and the Sims 3 sites be running and not the Sims 2 ?!

      Thankfully, I found some really great clothes on (lol I'm SO late, I only signed up last week) and I've been using for hairstyles for years, they have the best.


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