Friday, 26 July 2013

Hyper Japan 2013 - Friday

^ Me. Just got back from H.J. GOT A FAN WITH MY NAME ON IT. WIN. ^_^


It took me such a long time to post again. I really didn't want to post anything depressing so I just didn't post anything at all. But now I have something HAPPYYY to share :3

I have been looking forward to Hyper Japan for months, especially as MCM (talked about that in another blog post) was a bit of a disappointment for me. H.J. was at Earls Court, only like a 30-minute journey for me, which is greeeat. We got there an hour early, and a good thing too because we were one of the first in at five-past two. My sister isn't really 'into' Japanese culture the way I am but she agreed to come with me, so I had someone to talk to while we queued for an hour. I planned to go anyway, but luckily I saw an offer on Groupon which was two tickets for the price of one. Neat. I had Jean Rhys's Wide Sargasso Sea in my bag but its a depressing book and I was excited so I ended up not reading it.

Queuing was a pretty simple affair. Like I said, we got there an hour early but went in almost straight away, unlike MCM Comic Con London, where me and my brothers waited a further hour and a half. Didn't see very many cosplayers, but the Lolita and Gothic Lolita outfits I saw were so, so very adorable and lovely to see. Japan TV were walking up and down the queue doing interviews.

In brief, there was a wide variety of things to explore in Japanese culture; sweets, kawaii sweets and kawaii culture, jewellery, costumes and traditional Japanese outfits, music (J-pop, yay), food such as rice dishes and noodles, swords (katanas, I believe... Azure said they looked like Kill Bill swords, and I just rolled my eyes. We're at a Japanese festival, and she's relating cutural icons to American movies), toys, t-shirts, anime-themed items, manga and comics, magazines and books, game demos, uniquely-styled artwork (sometimes with the artist present), and so much other memorabilia.

The live stage had musicians playing and I wish I had got the names of some but we were eating tempura noodles at the time and it didn't occur to me. Maybe it's in the brochure.

One thing that really struck me was that there was so... much... s p a c e .

At MCM, you could barely move. Sometimes we actually had to huddle in lines and waddle along because it was so jam-packed, and it was the most frustrating thing after queuing for so long and being excited enough to want to see everything at once.

But at Hyper Japan 2013, it was like there wasn't enough stalls. Towards the back, you could stand in one space and spin around with your arms out and not hit anybody. Granted, there was lots to do, lots. But still, I wish the space was filled with more stalls so that I could indulge even more in japanese culture =] I was reading Anna Scholz's blog which briefly mentioned last years' Hyper Japan, and it reminded me that Saturday and Sunday will be a LOT busier than the Friday, so I have no doubt all the space will be filled tomorrow with more stalls and people!

I picked up quite a few leaflets and freebies, especially ones on visiting Tokyo, entered a few prize draws and stuff, and it was really fun.

What I bought:
- Strawberry Pocky... couldn't resist [for the sister who came with me (call her Azure)]
- Little cat notebook [me]
- milk oyster card holder [me]
- Hello Kitty choco-toffee treat [for my other sister (call her Aime)]
- Winter Is Coming (yep, Game Of Thrones) geek soap... smells awesomee [sister again]
- Chocolate Dorayaki [little brother]
- Plum Wine (that ish tastes AMAZING... we tried sake too, but MAN that's strong.)
- Tempura noodles (great, but didn't taste as nice as they looked! It was my own fault - would have appreciated it better with an appetite but I let my excitement carry me away. I wasn't actually hungry at all. )
- Plum Tea (bought to wash down the noodles, not realising that's its not actually TEA, rather, a sweet drink. Was DELICIOUS though. Mmm. Right, from now on it's me and plums forever. Goodbye, cranberry.)

I spent hardly anything at MCM, but must have spent between £40 and £50 at H.J. (I was paying for my older sister too, her share was about £20 so I actually spent only £30-ish.) Felt so good going home with all those bags. Money well spent ^_^

I am starting to regret not going back to get this beautiful art print I saw, but I was still if-ing and but-ing so I decided to leave it.

I am so gutted that Destiny Blue wasn't there today. I was hoping soo much to buy a print from her of 'Freedom: Not A Number' and 'Lose Yourself In Me' in particular. I'm working tomorrow and Sunday so it's not even like I can drop by over the weekend. Now I have to wait until next year to see her. Makes me so sad :(

Well, it's decided. I am definitely coming back next year.

What now?

I signed up to, and I'm supposed to be taking a free Japanese trial lesson at Alpha Japanese school in Holborn, so that should prepare me for the Japanese course I'm going to take when I get back to uni.

Did I mention I have a fan with my name on it in Katakana characters?


Got it from the Alpha Japanese School stand. Well, the festival is on for another two more days. So, y'know. If you can get to Earl Court - go.


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