Monday, 16 December 2013

Black Cosplayers? Cosplaying For Black People?

I don't usually talk about race, but I was thinking about cosplaying for next year's Comic Con and I thought... hold on a minute... who the heck do I go as?

I'll be honest with ya, this one had me stuck. Either I'm ignorant, or there really aren't very many black heroines to choose from when it comes to Cosplaying.

I mean, yeah, there's Storm, of course. But how many black girls must cosplay Storm?! And I can't cosplay as Storm EVERY TIME. Cosplaying Halle Berry's Catwoman is a bit of a cheat because the original depiction of Selina Kyle in the comics is white. So... ? Does anybody have any ideas? Am I gonna have to make the male black characters female to cosplay them? Or am I gonna have to write a couple books, get a couple black heroines famous so I can cosplay one?

Or can I only cosplay aliens? (Gonna be covered by makeup anyway.)

Maybe I'll just start a list here and I can come back and add to it when necessary.
World Of Black Superheroes has loads of ideas too.

Man, I need to create some black heroines.


- Storm (from X-Men)
- Catwoman (Halle Berry depiction)
- Tiana (Disney's The Princess And The Frog)
- Female Green Lantern (DC Comics. A cheat, but wth.)
- Madame Noire
- Aluna
- Nubia (DC Comics. Formed from clay as a twin to Diana - Wonder Woman.)
- Kymera (Marvel Comics. Daughter of Storm)
- Asha (Marvel Comics. NO idea who she is, discovered her a minute ago on Google Images.)
- Rue (The Hunger Games. I guess I'm too tall for this role!)

List cont.
- Miya (Aspen MLT. Again, no idea. Just looked on GoogleIMGS - is she even black?)
- Livewire (Valiant Entertainment.)
-Pathway (Marvel Comics)
- Venus Dee Milo (Marvel)
- Murmur (Marvel)
- Hub (Marvel)
- Silhouette
- Captain Confederacy
- Female Cloak (of Cloak and Dagger. Marvel.)
- Captain Universe

List cont.
- Pantha
- Olivia Lewis
- XS
- Pirouette
- Media
- Destiny Ajaye (Top Cow Comics)
- Wildstreak (Marvel)
- Neurotap
- Alyssa Miles
- Okoye (Marvel)

*sigh* I'm bloody tired. Another day.

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  1. Honestly what does it matter. You don't have to do just black characters. Challenge yourself to do more than that. I'm black and I don't limit myself because of the colour of my skin.

    1. That's very true. I do think though that it depends on the the confidence of the person. It would probably make me uncomfortable if I cosplayed, like... Jean Grey. (Well I don't much like Jean Grey but you know!) There are amazing inspiring people like Chaka Cumberpatch who firmly make the point that it shouldn't really matter WHO you want to cosplay. Cosplaying can be dedicated, but also fun. And I thought, if the tables were turned, and I saw a white woman playing Storm, I wouldn't really think about it.

      But it's not completely about that. My point was also that I found it difficult finding popular black heroines AVAILABLE to cosplay. It's not just that I'd feel uneasy about doing otherwise, that would actually be my CHOICE. I'd like to represent my culture, if possible, but that seems to be harder than I thought.

      Anywhoo, thanks for commenting! Always great to hear others' opinions!


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