Friday, 31 January 2014

Psyren 14 Just Arrived.

Sorry.. you know I can't stop going on about this dang manga!

Thought I'd make it a bit interesting this time so I made a video =D But both Blogger and Youtube are just totally f***ing this up (e_e) so we'll see if I can actually post it.

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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Review: Psyren 13 - Toshiaki Iwashiro

Psyren 14

I preordered it in December, when the release date was said to be January 16th. I hadn't even realised that I received it until January 17, when I suddenly thought 'Hey... where the bloody hell -?!'

I was soo anguished to realise I had to wait longer - at the time, I'd recently caved in and read 13 and was on a high, for the reasons detailed below. So I'm super happy that it's on it's way now. That's going to make my week. ^_^ Next week, that is.

This artwork is amazing.

Psyren 13

There's so many great things about this volume.

First off, Ageha's crazy plan is ensuring some fast paced action up ahead, which I can't wait for. The devilish look on his face when Matsuri asked if he could actually skip to the last level of the game and beat them was seriously creepy. I'd get a picture in here but I can't really be bothered, lol. Exhausted today. SORRYDUDESANDEES.

Second, Ageha and Sakurako finally know that they like each other and the almost-kiss was SO tense - the fact that it ended with the kids spying on them was HILARIOUS! Me bursting into laughter shook of all that tension, so it's one of my favourite scenes in the book.

Plus, it meant that in the alternate timeline, there's tension between Sakurako and Mari as it's now clear that they both like Ageha, which makes perfect sense and yet I was no expecting it to pan out in that way!!! I am seriously excited to see how Sakurako vs. Mari goes down O_O

FINALLY, but by no means least of all, SHAO!!!
I was extremely happy that he got so much of Volume 13 to himself, being my favourite character and all. And I'd mentioned that in my last post as well!

Shao and Sakurako. SWWWEET! I love this picture. It's a detail from a Psyren volume cover.


I love Kagetora and Junas' little banter at the beginning. Kagetora is such a teddy bear under the roughness, it's so sweet! And I love how that infuriates Junas. We all know that means they're gonna fight again in the future because Junas can't wait to get back at the guy! I was wondering what happens to the little girl, the Creator (can't rememebr her name, lol.) She's gonna grow up with the bad guys. =// Will she end up twisted?

I LOVE Kyle sooo much, kid and adult. He always makes me laugh. As a kid, he's loud and dramatic, the bit when he knows Ageha has to go back to Psyren and he's sad, is so sweeet. Just before the fist bump, there's this panel of kid Shao and kid Kyle looking so sad that Ageha has to go, and you can tell those kids think the world of him! As an adult, he's very confident almsot cocky, but it's not exactly misplaced as he's become a lot stronger, and that sort of bravado helps him power through the squad Scourge when he's being overwhelmed.

Okay, so....

WhoTF are Scourge???!!!

At first I thought the blonde lady was Matsuri turned evil!!! Didn't take me long to realise I was wrong, hehehe. When they were introduced, it made me realise just how many characters this manga now has. Iwashiro-san handles it really well. I like how none of the characters look identical expect for hair - they are actually distinct.

Granar, Ageha and Miroku!!! (l-r)

The crazy zone diver guy is entertaining too. My favourite part when he appears is when he goes "Mari, that's your name? I'll see you soon Mari!"
- and adult Shao gets mad (because he has a crush on her and is kinda defensive) and goes, "Don't be ridiculous. You won't ever see her again - because I'm about to finish you!"
- and then the ZONE DIVER GUY gets furious (because he is literally and positively insane) and goes, "How dare you call me ridiculous?!!!!"
- and then they start to fight. c:

The reason why I found it so great is because Shao is usually a calm and kinda placid character, so to see him get mad and knowing that he's stronger now was really something.

It made me feel really weird to know that the future had changed and nobody in the future knew. I guess I was thinking about how their actions have very real consequences.

Okaaaay!!!! Psionic Powers Poll !!!! O_O

I was super glad to see this as I wrote about it in my last Psyren post. Like I said, what I originally wrote was lost so what's there now is a watered down version, but nothing has really changed in terms of who I think has the best powers. I do like how imaginative the author is both with what the powers do and with naming them well.

Anywhoo that's it for now. Simply can't wait until Psyren 14 gets here maaaaan.

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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Time-Management Games

Oh, the joy of online games c:

I really felt the urge to play some sort of computer game, but my Playstation 2 and Nintendo 64 is packed away in the garage and can't be arsed to go and get it, though Zelda OOT and MM, and The Sims Bustin' Out, has been on my mind a lot lately (e_e)

Then I thought about online games, Restaurant Empire, The Movies Game, and The Sims 2 plus expansions being some of my favourites. The discs are on top of my wardrobe but I couldn't be arsed to reinstall them on my fussy laptop. Habbo Hotel, nah, Miniclip, nah, Doll Divine, nah.

THEN, I remembered that I LOVE playing Time Management games, and my laptop has this pre-installed HP Game Centre where you can play free demos of games. Yesterday was a pretty awful day, but I spent the whole evening playing Cake Mania Main Street, and LET ME TELL YOU! It is SO much fun.

Cake Mania Main Street has the classic format of having items in a store, you serve customers who will tell you via thought-bubble exactly what they want, they have hearts that decrease if you take too long, bonuses for three/four or more action combos, and best of all, you can upgrade your stuff with the more money you get from each level.

When I first started playing, I was heavily embarrassed at the exaggerated acting but then I remembered that this game is for kids (lol not really aimed at 21 year olds!) so it's going to be more exaggerated than subtle. Before and after each level, you get a bit of dialogue from whoever's shop you're running, and I really loved that, it was always entertaining (Jack seems extremely clumsy. Like, extremely). There were some references in there that I don't really think a child will get, though. The ex-Sumo wrestler (Tiny, I think his name is?) talks about Cherry Blossom Festival and Shuriken and the Yazuka and the deadly puffer fish and Puroresu (I think), and ironically I knew what all of these were from my (slight c: ) obsession with Japanese culture, but ten years ago when I was 11, I wouldn't know ANY of these things. Even now, I was suprized that I recosgnised the Japanese word used in every level. (I never knew that I knew so many words, though don't ask me to string together a sentence!) This must go straight over a normal child's head, lol.

Also I didn't agree with them trying to take down a big shopping centre just because it shatters the memory of their past. I can see the cons of having it there, but what if the people of the town actually LIKE Baker's Corner? The motive of the game is meant to be noble but it actually comes across quite selfish.


I looooved the different types of customers you get! It's so funny!The first character really shocked me - it's this anime cat-girl! I was like 'WOW, Anime's reach is truly far and wide!' =D Then there's this buxom black woman who does the stereotypical neck-jerking, but then you get there really awesome customers.

There's a pirate who loves nature channel (lol); an alien whose hearts are always restored when you turn on Sci Fi TV; a vampire who may bite the other customers (this turns them into a vamp themselves and they change their order); a superhero called Super Matt (I HATE THIS GUY) who will freeze whoever's standing next to him (so you can't serve them); a gangster-crook who'll steal any money left on the counter; this old lady with a cat who takes FOREVER to order; a ninja who'll use a smoke attack on the customer next to them so they can't order; this... French guy (shrug) who gives you a Rush Bonus every time he walks in (- !! LOVE this guy!!); a grumpy hot-dog man who loses hearts real fast; a chef who turns into the hot dog man if he waits too long; etc etc. Plus, there's this hilarious hippy-like guy who will take anything - ANYTHING! - so he's always really quick.

There's these two songs that play at the Sushi restaurant stage that I love, they've been stuck in my head all day. Wanna go back and play again, but....

Well, you get two free plays of a the game on HP Games, then you have to buy it. Normally I finish the game within the two free gos, but yesterday it froze twice, so that's it for me. I got up the the Sushi one, I'd fully upgraded the Cake shop, unlocked more than half of the town landmarks, got to at least stage eight in every shop. I wish I could have finished it, but I think i might actually just buy it. Easy solution ^_^

Classics and Favourites

Diner Dash (1) was the first time Management Game I ever remember playing, and it's really the one that got me into it. Now I think they've got up to Diner Dash FIVE (O_O) (that's right, 5,) and there's various spin-offs as well.

I really dunno what makes this game so good. Flo is a likeable characters, I like how the combos can be both actions and what colour-coded customer you put in which chair. I can't remember if it's this particular game, but I think certain customer have different traits as well... ? No, I think that's Belle's Boutique. ANYWAY XD it's bags of fun and I'm always happy to while away the hours with Flo.

Belle's Beauty Boutique was one I found shortly after wondering if there was anything like Diner Dash about. This was lots of fun. You get different types of customers with different patience levels, and if you seat certain people next to each other, they will gossip or flirt and that raises their hearts. Lotsa fun.

Juliette's Fashion Empire is an AMAZING game. I remember being hooked on it, playing the whole game in about a day and then feeling really sad when it was over. I seem to remember a makeover star that would get your model completely ready in a cloud of dust and sparkles and it was always such a bonus to have it. Hopefully there is a Juliette's Fashion Empire 2 :)

Posh Boutique was also one I ADORED. I truly love that game. As you go along, you open up different shops and get different clientele for each one. There's a Posh Boutique 2 as well, I think I finished both of 'em. :3

It wasn't Family Hero I played, just the normal one (below) 

Jane's Hotel was okay, it was one of the hidden games I found (It's surprisingly hard to find a good Time Management game). I never got very far in it, but I can't remember if I used up my two free gos, or if I didn't actually like it much. But I remember I didn't hate it... *laughing*

Jet Set Go is greeeeeat!! It's really great, and it's a nice change from A. food (diners, bakeries) or B. fashion (boutique, salon) Time Management games. Very challenging. It's a travel agency. First you help people decide where they wanna go, then you actually GO with them and make sure they have a good time! It's great! And there's one level where there's like a dance thing on the cruise boat, and you press the buttons to match the steps like dance mat games. Actually, while I remember, I'll see if there's a Jet Set Go 2. I'm telling you, this is one of my favourites.

I just downloaded Cake Mania 3 and I'm gonna play that now. I hope I won't have to use my brain this evening. I'm exhausted all over and everywhere, even my brain is exhausted. And my shoulders hurt. (e_e) Oh well.

Um, I just took my hand off my leg and there's blood on it =/

*sings* ...freeaaaaaakeeed ooooouuuut......

Star xx

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Can Legally Write Fanfiction... And Get Paid O_O

Publish Fan Fiction Stories with Kindle Worlds
Kindle Worlds is a new a place to publish fan fiction inspired by popular books, shows, movies, comics, music, and games. Now you can write in licensed worlds and earn up to a 35% royalty. Some of the current licensed Worlds include: Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars; Valiant comics including Bloodshot and ShadowmanThe Foreworld Sagaby Neal Stephenson; and worlds from renowned authors Hugh Howey, Barry Eisler, and Blake Crouch.
"I loved writing the characters in this world. I really enjoy the ongoing mysteries and surprising twists that always keep the reader guessing." --Barbara Freethy, best-selling KDP author writing in Pretty Little Liars
Start writing today! Check out the submissions portal so your stories can appear in the Kindle Worlds store. Stay up to date--follow the Kindle Worlds blog and Twitter @kindleworlds


I know this is old news, but it still has me like D=

On the one hand, it's great that readers can involve themselves in the world they love and get paid for it. Heck, if I got paid for my HSM fanfics... =D

But on the other hand, I feel unsure about somebody crafting a world and then letting civilians mess about with it. Of course people do that anyway on, but changing the licensing to make it OFFICIAL that the author is ALLOWING it... =/

I suppose, ultimately, as long as the author's okay with it, and as long as it's not me, then whatever. It doesn't involve me, so blah.


Star xx

Thursday, 2 January 2014

ADDICTED TO THIS MANGA RIGHT NOW: Psyren - Toshiaki Iwashiro

How do I put this?

I wrote a VERY LONG review for this manga I am obsessed with, took me about 5 hours straight, but to my dismay Blogger malfunctioned and I lost it all. I was so upset (and pissed at myself) that I didn't have the heart to rewrite at the time, so I made it a draft and tried again. Hence, a New Year's post ten days late. I will be adding as I go along, no time to write it all up now at once now. Sorry.

Hey heyyyy! Still here? Great. Excellent. c: Welcome to '14.

Am I still here? O_O
Well thank fuck for that too.

As I said before, all blogs will be updated today;
Alter Ego Writer, Image Archive, Pink Sovereign, DVTJ, and BGF.

But unfortunately, the other 4 blogs took so long that I missed 'today' but 30 mins, and it is now the 2nd of January =( I'm sad. I didn't achieve my goal.


That's actually made me very very sad. I hate not sticking to my word. What a failure. (e_e) I'm gonna have to try not to be gloomy now.

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