Tuesday, 29 April 2014

TOUR - Leeds Castle, Dover, Canterbury and River Thames!

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Castles, cathedrals and cliffs are among Kent's most celebrated historical sites, and can be explored during a luxury coach trip with Premium Tours. Setting out from Victoria Coach Station, the tour first makes its way to Leeds Castle, arriving before the site opens to the public. Visitors have the courtyards and crenellations to themselves as they explore the Norman castle, which bestrides two islands at the centre of an idyllic lake, and was once home to Henry VIII. The tour visits the chapel, galleries and banqueting hall, and offers opportunities to admire the estate's scenery and wildlife, keeping eyes peeled for black swans.

The coach then takes a scenic route along coastal roads with sweeping views of the white cliffs of Dover, before heading back inland to Canterbury. Participants can round off their tour with free time to explore the Chaucerian city's older areas before heading back to London. Alternatively, visitors can purchase fast-track entrance to the famous cathedral in order to fully explore the destination of one of medieval Europe's major pilgrimages. On returning to the capital, visitors also have the opportunity to purchase a further trip to Greenwich by way of a return catamaran cruise down the Thames.

Yesterday I went on a coach tour out of London... I'd hoped it would be a break and I could clear my mind, maybe work on my business plan. That turned out to be not quite possible as the tour guide (Frank, entertaining guy) did a commentary all throughout the day and I wanted to listen, but the trip in itself turned out to be of much more value than I expected; I got to take a break from all types of work, I got inspiration for my novel, AND I got to go on a boat across the river Thames! =D (Admittedly, I didn't really read the above deal description...at all XD )

Well, first thing's first - I was almost LATE for the tour =/ I forgot that the last time I went to Victoria Coach station, it was later in the morning. This time I was travelling just before the worst bit of the morning rush hour. I had to catch a bus from the train station to the coach station, and made it just in time. Even now, I can't believe that I actually did make it in time! Those things seem to happen

Leeds Castle - This part was so intriguing. I loved looking around inside the Castle. Lady Baillie was such a fascinating person, I feel compelled to learn more about her now I'm back home. It was so peaceful and tranquil out there, I could just sit by that lake for ages. There was lots of green and lots of pretty flowers... and geese. LOTS of geese. And ducks! I got a mocha at Costa to keep me awake, and when I sat at the tables outside there was - well I THINK it was - a peacock out there, just walking around and waddling up to customers. It was somehow cute and surreal, that does doesn't happen in London. Plus the peacock was HUGE! One HUGE bird! And it seemed to be very familiar with people, it would just walk up to them and loiter around. It was pretty funny, pretty awesome too.

Dover Cliffs - I've always loved looking at the Dover Cliffs. Weird to think that yesterday I stood in front of the sea, considering that I'm always in London and never go on holidays. The tour guide said there was a labyrinth underneath the cliffs, which I never even knew! I have to check that out at some point. I'd been to Dover before, a long time ago. It would be nice to go and stay there for a time. But then if I was going to stay at a seaside town, it might as well be Brighton, or even Dorset - they'd probably be more interesting to me.

Canterbury - I never went inside the cathedral, but I'd been before on a school trip as it didn't bother me, even though I scarcely remember the details. We spent about two hours there. I went for a walk while working out a second version to my (or I suppose Isha K's) song Sidekick, an electropop version I guess. I was looking for a park but I stumbled upon this amazing little riverside green with these leaning willow trees that gave a nice shade. I gave Pixie, my Mum and my Dad a quick phone call, then I walked to a different part of the weather while the sun was still glimmering, then I headed back to the coach. I saw these gorgeous shoes in the Deichmann store there but managed to restrain myself.

Boat Ride on the River Thames - I wasn't even expecting this part of the tour! I must have forgotten or misread something. That little surprise just made it better. The coach dropped us off at Greenwich and we stood on the Meridian Line that sets the time for the rest of the world, more sightseeing, then on the boat. The tour guide made a joke about being ready to row a boat, but I caught on a little late because I was already panicking when I remembered that earlier he said there was a toilet on board, so it couldn't be a rowboat. Then I had to admit to myself, even though I'd kind of tried not to, that my fear of immense amount of water - or more specifically having to swim in it should there be an unforeseen natural disaster - was er.... paramount. I can't lie though, I loved being on that boat. I would've loved to be standing on the roof with the wind in my face. Ahh, one day. And as I said before, I'm on my way to the best life ever, right? (Certainly no point in giving up now =P ) We got off at Embankment, and then I went home, exhausted. SHATTERED actually, to be more precise.

I wish I'd been able to make more business plans, or do some university work, but I just wanted to veg out. So I did, and I think I watched at least five episodes of Fringe back to back, and half a dozen more today. It's getting so good, It's hard to tear myself away. I finally managed to do so today, now I'd reached season 4 episode 1 and things are getting testy in terms of plot. At least I can go to sleep [ SPOILER !!! ] knowing that no-one really, in the basic sense of the word, died.

Star xx
P.S. If I remember, I'll upload the image from my phone!

Friday, 25 April 2014

Scared Of The Climb

Scared of getting myself out there and exposing myself, allowing myself to be temporarily vulnerable only so I can learn from it and become a better person. Scared of the climb. Worse, scared of doing nothing, of procrastination - saying things and wishing for things that never come to be. Scared of how ambition will change me. Scared of failing.

But more than that, I am excited to succeed, excited for the life that awaits me when I prevail, excited for the happiness and exhilaration I'll feel when I overcome those challenges and most of all excited to live, to actually live, verb, as  feel like at the moment I am waiting for it to kick in. The more I tell myself I have so much ahead of me, the more I believe it. That's worthy of a sideways animesmiley. =]

Indigo Star xx

Thursday, 24 April 2014


For background info, read the SUSPENSION post.

I bought a shitload of magazines the other day - SFX and the SFX Fantasy Special, magazines on Sci-Fi, digital art and drawing instructions, and starting your own business. All in all it cost me about £50.

My Mum's eyes went wide when I told her. She said uncertainly, "That's a lot of money to spend on magazines, Shani..." Yeah, I know. I told her that, and I also told her it was an investment. I had been waiting to buy some exciting new books but instead I spent it on things with will widen my knowledge of 'My Field' - which by the way I have firmly decided is the ever-evolving fantasy genre - it will give me new skills, and its going towards my 'business'. I'm not telling her what it is yet and I'm not writing it here either. I am excited, as I suppose one should be, and also nervous, but mainly excited. I need to sit down and make plans, like Brian Tracy said in a video. In my mind are lots and lots of concise plans, just waiting to be scrawled onto paper. Just waiting.

My depression comes and goes, at the moment its a weekly basis. This week was pretty good. Last week and really tough. REALLY tough. The week before that was incredible. The week before that was awful.

I met my friend Miss Lovely in the park this afternoon, the sun was pretty when it shone. I told her my plans and the smaller goals I set in motion to achieve the bigger ones, including increasing my credit card limit. When I was younger, I used to say I'd never get a credit card... to explain what has changed would take more time than I care to give right now... but in a word, investment. In an acronym, OPM. So Miss Lovely laughed and said, "You sound so grown up!" I was taken aback because I realised; I did. That kinda scared me. I didn't wanna grow up. The reason I worked so hard for my dream is because my dream (noun) allows me to dream (verb) and be how I used to be when I was younger. So happy and optimistic. But to get there, I have to grow up to make the plans and get on the right path, and I'll learn and grow and mature as I do so. The irony, right?

Miss Lovely implied on other occasions that I was working hard for a future that wasn't here yet and all of our friend at university were doing nothing remotely close as far as we knew. They said they had no clue what they wanted to do. Some killed time by watching TV or going out drinking. I never liked doing those things anyway, but all could I say in response was - the future is going to come around SOMETIME. Either you can be ready for life changes at 25, or 30, or 35, or you can be completely unprepared as still in a false sense of security. I don't think people ever really expect life to hit them. I think that many people exclude themselves. I can't afford to do that.

Five years from now I'll be 26, which I hate to think about. I can be stuck in a horrible job or be on my way to achieving my dreams, and I'm making my choice now. That's the way I see it. And I want more than anything to be well on my way, and in a better place a year from now than still where I am. And nothing motivates me more than (well, motivational videos,) and also see the people around me who do nothing but procrastinate. And if I can't convince them with my words, then I should be an example and convince with my actions. It would make me really happy to see my family happy and doing what they love to do.

I saw my GP yesterday and my counsellor for the very last time today. I think I'll miss her, she's been so helpful to me. Last week I saw Student Life team member and my course leader. Things are coming together, or should I say falling together - slowly. But things are moving. I feel happier because of that.

I don't think I can say any more right now. Now my intention is to complete more university work, write more of my plan, research more, watch more of Fringe, and write my book. I do feel so much happier. I'm glad I can write that on this blog, there needs to be more of the happier posts.

Oh, and I forgot to say my new power word: Ashanami.

Star xx
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