Sunday, 27 November 2011

First Venture

Star's official first venture into blogging. This should be interesting.

This blog is for me more than anything (or anyone) else. There are two reasons for choosing to hog this tiny bit of cyberspace all to myself via this blog: the first being that I needed to find a way to break through horribly malicious writer's block, the second being that I suddenly realised how fast I'm running out of time.

When I say 'running out of time', what I really mean is - stupid people are snatching up all my ideas. Which sounds quite dumb when you consider that I've written a list of every story I've ever come up with, spanning well over sixty ideas. But despite my over-active imagination constantly giving me new story ideas and inspiration, I was horrified to find them suddenly no longer suitable for use, like they had a Use By date and I just wasn't able to write fast enough to beat it. For example.

Year 10, the start of my Japanese obsession. I'd read a manga called Vampire Knight. It had inspired me to write a story that I titled 'Neptune' in which vampire clans with special abilities exist among humans; a vampire boy and girl that belong to the largest warrior clan discover that vampire-girl has psychic abilities and elemental power that originated from an old and forgotten vampire clan. Twilight emerges. Neptune expires.

From a young age I've had a fascination with the elements; water, fire, earth and air. I started to weave a complex story between four gods and four different cultures of people gifted with one of the four elements. Not long after doing some internet research, I come across Avatar: The Legend Of Aang, was immediately hooked, and worked my way through all three series in a frenzy. When returning to my story, I realised that I could no longer write it without subconsciously pinching everything I'd seen.

Born Into The House Of Sin was a story one of my most anticipated ideas, full of potential. Discarding the vampire ideas - I was completely bored with them - I pulled out my Fantasy Reference book and found my new favourite night creature; the Incubus (male) and Succubus (female), beings of seduction. I wrote a great deal of the story before it began to stop making sense (as with most of my literature) so I left it for a couple of months. A 'couple of months' was all that was needed for Lost Girl to surface. BITHOS expired.

And finally, my latest frustration. With Twilight on the descent, The Hunger Games is eagerly awaited as the next teenage movie to fill seats. Which is great. Except, the very essence of it is parallel to Battlegame Forfeit, the only serious story I was able to write from start to finish without losing focus. This idea featured a selection of youths that are chosen to be part of a government program, trained for a year, and then put in a death match against each other with only three survivors. If it wasn't bad enough that it already sounded like the Japanese movie Battle Royale, what actually inspired this idea was a very old movie called Naked Weapon. 'Pissed' is not even the word.

So this is my attempt to break through frustration and inability to put pen to paper, to instead come up with something coherent. With a mind so over-active that ideas are constantly circulating, even in my dreams, it shouldn't be too hard. If I'm stuck, one of my alter egos should be able to come up with something. I'd introduce them all, but they have a habit of finding their way into my fiction and introducing themselves.

Peace && Love,
Star xx

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