Saturday, 26 May 2012

The Beginnings Of Something

Mr Aaronovitch is right. It's time to kick my arse into gear. (Also the weather is too nice to be sad today. Nice weather is a rarity in London. (ALSO I am making an effort to take natural moodlifters. No more wallowing in self-pity.))


At the moment I am trying to consolidate an ideas that came from three smaller ideas I had merged into one.

Idea 1
A kind of ninja-assassin school that focusses on assassination, espionage, infiltration and the like. Students are divided into 6 groups, and either one knows what the other five are learning at the school. So what are they learning? Good question. When I figure it out, I'll let'cha know.

Idea 2
The concept of a 'Doppelganger' - in German this means 'double walker'. I think it basically means somebody who looks strikingly similar if not identical to another person but are not related at all. If those two people should meet, one of them will die.

Last Winter I went to an interview, and I met a girl there who had a... startling resemblance to a girl who used to be in my English class, Sophie. Sophie ended up dropping out but when she was in class I spoke to her quite a bit. The girl at my interview, Tanya, was shorter and had slightly darker skin, but her features were a bit similar and the way she talked was exactly the same as Sophie, she did this weird thing with her mouth that made her words come out in a unique and unusual way. When Tanya introduced herself I was half expecting her to say her name was Sophie.

So I added to my idea. In my Ninja/Assassin school, every person has a Doppelganger. To meet your Doppelganger is rare, but if it should happen, the two must stay together, or both will die if they separate.

Idea 3
A classic Nintedo 64 game, The Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask, features a land called Termina which is almost identical to the land of the original game, called Hyrule, but in Termina the towns of interest were placed at each compass direction. I had a thought. It would be quite cool if you could enter a portal that would allow you to explore different regions. For example you would have Home Region, and then the territories North, East South and West. But when you go through the portal, although Home Region is the same, the territories have changed and become Alternate North, Alternate East, Alt. South and Alt. West. It's not a particularly strong idea yet, as I still have to figure out the technicalities of this so called 'portal', but I'm getting there.

All this mind-mapping is great.
Maybe one day I can actually write something

Star xx

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