Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Physical Books vs Digital Books

Yesterday, I was at work unpacking the delivery, when I saw that we had two hardback copies of Ben Aaranovitch's 'Whispers Underground' in. I was so excited, I kind of made muffled squeaking noises and my colleague looked at me funny.

Still, I think I'll wait for paperback. I bought the first two in paperback and I like it when things match. :) (I just hope its in time for the book signing...)

On my way home from work yesterday, I got on the tube, perched my behind on the bit where luggage is supposed to go, then stared at everybody sitting down. On my left, every single person was staring into a touchscreen phone. Three had white Apple earphones in, another appeared to be texting, and I wasn't quite sure when exactly I'd stepped right into Zombie City. On my right, one man was playing on a Nintendo DSi. Another was reading a Kindle. And I did not see a single book.


Star xx

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