Sunday, 24 June 2012

Why I Am Now Buying Clothes/Shoes/Everything From China


I listed 27 old things of mine on eBay last weekend; nine of them have sold, and the biddings haven't even ended yet. Total sales so far are £32.something, and I am flipping ecstatic.

Lately, eBay and I have been terribly close. I log on, watch my stuff being bought, e-window-shop and add dozens of things to my watch list and wish list, waiting for the day I can actually, finally, buy those things. It's more addictive than I would ever have thought.

A lot of the stuff I bought/want to buy are indeed coming from that populous country of China. The great thing is that you can find a lot of clothes that have a really amazing and unique design from eBay sellers in China, and at a good price too.

The downside is that as a lot of things are sold in One Size: Regular, and what is China's Regular size is the UK and US' Small size, a lot of things are basically unaccessable to me, being a tall girl. Skirts, shorts, tops and the like are all fine. But with my long limbs, an item of clothing in Regular Asian size is instantly a problem if it has sleeves or... legs. (For want of a better word.)

Let me show you what's caught my eye...

Chiffon Skirt

Sold by (Chinese seller.)

(Ignore everything but the white skirt, bottom-right.) This skirt I had to really hunt around for. All the sellers listing it had the same colour, but it was called everything from 'White' to 'Ivory' to 'Cream' and looked that way in the pictures, even though it was clearly the same skirt. Ordered it three weeks ago thinking I could wear it for the summer.

Yeah... it arrived recently. It was Regular size, but being a skirt I didn't think I'd have a problem... obviously, I forgot about my bum. Now, many Asian girls that I know have small hips and derriere. I have small hips, but not a small derriere! Imagine my dismay when I tried this shit on. My mother and sister said it looked really nice, in fact they were going crazy about it... but I'll probably think twice about where I wear this.

Culotte Shorts

Sold by enjoyshoppinghhstore (Chinese seller.)

I have a pet love for shorts that have the appearance of skirts, aka culottes, or less imaginatively, Skorts. These don't look so much like a skirt but the pleats give it a really nice edge. I was thinking patterned tights (probably my zebra/tiger stripe ones) and nice, pretty heels. Ordered it three weeks ago and it came last week. I LOVE them. (It comes with the belt too.)

Floral Divided Skirt Playsuit

Sold by enjoyshoppinghhstore (Chinese seller.)

Yup, its our friend again (their store really does have good stuff). Divided skirt is just another way of saying culottes as a playsuit, I guess. Either way, I adored this... although having said that, there were about three left in stock when I put it in my watch list. I looked at my non-existent funds. Then I proceeded to watch the Stock count slowly go down until size 12 was no longer available. I am kinda kicking myself but I think it'll turn up again, eventually. (... it really is a nice playsuit...)

Boohoo Lara Double Breasted Playsuit

Sold by boohoo_outlet  (UK & Europe.)

This is the eBay outlet for, so naturally, they have some pretty amazing stuff of sale - AND its coming from the uk. There something about this that caught my eye. I imagined dressing it up to be a kind of Smart-Cool, or else quite punky. It's unusual formal, almost military style it quite nice. Like the playsuit, I watched all of the available items get bought. Woe me.

Jacket Of My Dreams

Sold by fashionthings2011 (Chinese seller.)

I've wanted a waistcoat for a long time... I've never found the right one, but I always imagined it would look kind of like this without sleeves. Still, I've been looking for a a blazer ever since I saw my friend Annie wear one and look amazing in it. Suggesting that I would look good in this, this is EXACTLY the type of blazer I would want, and it took me weeks of eBay searching to find it... at a sweet £20-ish.

... the 'sweet' was sarcastic. Who d'ya think I am, Bill Gates?

Elina Golden Line Tights

Sold by fiore-uk (UK seller... durh =] )

Earlier, I mentioned wearing shorts with patterned tights... well I bought these about, what, two, three weeks ago? They look amazing on this models legs. Look pretty good on my legs too but it did very clearly highlight how my legs could have been slimmer (the leaves looked a bit fat. Stretched. Whatever.)

Fiore do an amazing range of patterned tights on eBay. Not as cheap as the Chinese sellers, but I took a risk with these and it paid off. They feel amazing, clearly good quality tights. So anyone who doesn't rip tights easily and feels like giving themselves a fashion tret should take a look.

More Fiore
Sold by just-beauty-touch (UK seller.)

This is what I've been drooling over lately. I just think they're so cute. Plus, unlike the previous pair, the design is only on the ankle so the pattern won't stretch much. I'm saving up for it. (Will probably sell all of my old earrings to get it.)

Jacquard Patterned Tights
Couldn't get the picture, so click on the sellers name below to see the tights, its A033. They also have my tiger stripe tights (A031) but I actually bought those from H&M last year!
Sold by ecitygo (Chinese seller.)

Loads of great designs - all in Regular size :( no point in me buying tights if it's not in Large, my legs are too long. Of course, that didn't stop me buying A033 :) Ordered it three weeks ago and still waiting for it too arrive. Hey, if it doesn't fit, I'll pass it onto one of my sisters. It was only £1.32.

Admcity Net Socks

Sold by admcity (Chinese seller.)

I am about to give you an example of Dumb Girl Gets Excited Clicks 'Buy Now' Without Rational Thinking.

I saw the picture below (see below (heh)) a month and a bit ago, and thought the dress was a weird as heck but the shoes looked absolutely amazing. I had a bit of a frantic search on eBay with every variation on 'Net Shoes High Heels Ankle Strap Black Suede Leather etc' I could think of, and came up with nothing.

It was only after I saw a pair of Fishnet Socks on that I had a bit of a durh moment. The model is wearing plain high heels! It's the fishnet socks that give it the real edge. After laughing at myself, I looked for net socks with relentless determination. Found them quite easily from a seller in Taiwan. I couldn't stop my mouth twitching at the thought of paying £3 for ONE pair of pop socks when £3 would get me about 7 pairs in Primark but again, I decided to take a risk.

Like the tights, they feel just amazing on your feet. Feeling the texture of them makes me think they must be pretty damn good quality. I would ONLY recommend admCity fishnet socks, because unlike the others I saw listed, they have a sole and toe lining as you can see in the picture (also, they don't look cheap.)

The Picture Below


Wedge Heel

Sold by shrosy2010 (Chinese seller.)

I saw a woman last week in really cute, plain, black wedge heels. I don't normally like wedge heels but the way she styled them off changed my view drastically.

But finding that in my size is a job and a half. Depending on the type of shoe and shape of it, my size can be anything from an 8 to a nine. Which, considering, is only really 8, 8.5, and 9. *GRIN* ^_^ But if you also consider that most people only wear one size, you will understand that this is quite an incredible feat.

The greatest thing about shoes on eBay is that you can search by size - cuts down on a lot of time, as I'm going looking at shoes I know I can fit into. That's how I found these. Quite frankly, there's something really odd about them, and they're not exactly as 'plain' as I wanted... and yet, I added it to my watch list.

Shiny Wedge Heels

Sold by shrosy2010 (Chinese seller.)

Yep, same again. These wedges, I just love. If they weren't TWENTY SIX POUNDS (!!) I would've bought them straight away. (I would've found the money somehow.) To be honest, twenty six pounds is the sort of price I would expect here. They must be sturdy, good quality shoes... (which is my way of saying, they'd better fcking be if I'm forking out almost 30 quid for them.)

The pink and black have one design on the heel, blue and white has the jigsaw pattern. Leaving out black (boring) and white (daring! How fast would they get dirty?!), between pink and blue, I have to say blue. It's unsual, and the pattern on the heel is very unique. The pink is nice too, but it's outmatched this time. A shame. I do love my pink.

High Heels With A Cute Bow

Sold by waimanman (Chinese seller.)

All I will say is this. When my sister Aime saw it, she said,


Fox Ring

Sold by xiaoxiaowu1964

Normally, I wouldn't wear it. Normally, I wouldn't BUY it.

But... isn't it so cute!? Hey, starting bid at £0.01!! :)

Now, this is my most recent upset of today. Pink Bow Purse

Sold by luckyminutes

Feel free to skip my dravel about whats been bugging me lately...

To cut a long f&*$(!ng story short, I found this purse from two sellers. They only had a very limited amount in stock, about 3 each. Opting for the cheaper seller (luckyminutes), I added it to my watch list. All of a sudden, there was only one purse left, so I bought it. Four days after purchase, the seller messaged me to say that the last one is BROKEN!!!!

I want to wail :(

Even though the seller very kindly offered that I could pick another colour, or any other purse they were selling regardless of price, the irony of it was that I'd spend weeks looking for the right purse. The purse I have now is okay, a bit annoying, but I can live with it, so I wasn't going to buy another until it was exactly right, otherwise there's no point, it's just have the same problem with a newer purse. And now I'd found That Purse, I had to go and look all over again. There were some really nice ones but they all had something not QUITE right; not the right colour, coin slot too small, too many card slots, not enough card slots, too many dangling things on the front that will only just fall off with time, etc.

I just don't know what God is trying to tell me; make my peace with another purse, as I was never destined to have the first one? Or that as my heart was with the first one, ask for a refund? WHAT SHOULD I DO?!

(Oh God. This is starting to sound like Confessions Of A Shopaholic. I'm even bringing God into it. Aw man. Let me just stop.)


It's like I said - I don't have a life.
But who'd want one when you've got EBAY?!

Star xx


  1. I love this post of your Ebay picks .. that floral playsuit is gorgeous but being a lady with thighs that actually meet at the top, I'd constantly and slyly trying to prevent the fabric from creeping up my bum cheeks and lady bits .. too much bother for me.
    I think the fox ring is really cute, maybe it's my age. Anything rabbity, foxy, owly, deer like jewellery wise catches my eye. Keep your eye out for me on TV as some mad animal hoarder, I bet they started out gradually with accessories and prints :)

  2. Hahahaha so true! And they have a huge range of animals as rings - the fox is the cutest one though. ;) thanks for your lovely comment! --S.K.

  3. The images you have placed here is looking nice. Are the products are same as per the image?

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