Monday, 17 December 2012

Getting The Movies Game Up And F**king Running

... on a Windows 7 64-bit system like my beautiful HP Intel Core i3 blah-blah majesty, that gives every game made before it the cold shoulder. Like The Sims 2. Did I tell you about my The Sims 2 pain? Well I won't. It hurts. I dread to think what fuss it will make about Restaurant Empire.

I have searched the web long and hard for answers, and by stringing together bits and pieces, I finally found the answer! The Movies runs! YAAAAAY

So here I'll post the full step-by-step guide hoping that I will A - help someone else in need and B - not miss anything out.


1. Insert The Movies disc into computer. DO NOT AUTORUN or some (Library not registered) message or another error comes up.

2. Go to CD/DVD drive, right click, Open In New Window. Right click on The Movies(TM) (it’s says Windows Installer under ‘Type’) -> Properties -> Compatibility -> Tick ‘Run This Program In Compatibility Mode For’ and select ‘Previous Version Of Windows’.

3. OPTION A: There re two ways to do this bit. Either copy files onto hard drive: My Computer -> right click CD/DVD drive -> copy -> paste in Local C disc whatever. Then, go to the Setup.exe file (under ‘Type’ it says ‘Application’), right click and Run As Administrator.

(the following method is easier)

3. OPTION B: Go to CD/DVD via My Computer. Right click on it (it should show the Movies game icon) and Open In New Window. From there, simply find the Setup.exe file (it might just be ‘Setup’, type is ‘Application) and Run As Administrator.

So, two different ways of saying essentially the same thing.

4. It will ask for your key code, install, ask if you want to register, install Windows Player 9, or DirectX 9. Finished installation and makes a shortcut on desktop.

(this is the fuck-up.)


5. Double clicking the My Computer CD drive brings up a compatibility issue window – click ‘Run Program’. Then it will (probably) say: "Library not registered" or “Cannot locate The Movies(TM) CD. Please insert the CD and restart application.” So, naturally, I try the Desktop shortcut. This does more or less the same thing, even though I haven’t removed the CD after I installed the game.


6. Right click desktop shortcut. Properties -> Compatibility tab -> Select ‘Run this program in compatibility mode for:’. Now, most people advise Windows XP (Service Pack 3), failing that, Windows XP (Service Pack 2). However I got the same ‘cannot locate CD’ BS.

Yahoo! Answers: Issues With The Movies On Windows 7

7. You must set compatibility mode to Window 98 / Windows Me, then right click shortcut and Run As Administrator.

AND THEN IT WILL RUN. At least, it did for me.

After so long, IT WORKS! I AM JOVIAL!!

Star x




  1. Great work. Tks very very much ^^ . I dit it. =))))

  2. Omg it worked ! good job, thank you so much for the help ! i been wanting to play this game again for so longggg , u have no idea. thank you , thank you , thank you

    1. =D
      I'm soo glad I helped!!!! I had that same urge when I rediscovered it, the old family PC broke down. It took a long time, but it was worth it if this guide is still useful to others :3

  3. I did every step as advised however while the game does start, it doesn't reach the actual main screen. It plays all the little logo visuals and then suddenly crashes saying "The Movies has encountered an error" any suggestions? The disk is in, it's in perfect condition, and I even uninstalled it and reinstalled making sure, again, that I did every step perfectly but still the same result.

    1. Hmm. Well, I'm not a computer expert XD but my guess is the resolution. I'd check that the resolution on your computer matches the one for the game, which I think is on the back of the box. 2 - I was gonna say change the graphics to low, but you can't get to the main screen =( 3. Making sure your RAM is big enough to support the game or that you have enough memory, although this sounds like a display problem.
      I don't play games a lot, but of all the games I've ever played (and between the old family PC and my sister's old PC), one of those usually solve the problem!!

      Also, I googled it and this post on Gamespot came up. It recommends installing a patch from the game developers, Lionhead, to solve the problem. Good luck =]

    2. I have experienced the exact same issue- has the solution been figured out yet??

  4. I F**KING LOVE U!!!!!!

    1. I F**KING LOVE U TOO!!! Haha no seriously, I hope I helped :3

  5. Mine isn't working :L Is anyone playing on windows 10?

    1. Sorry to hear that. I was using Windows 7 so I can't recommend what to try for W10, except that you could ask for expert advice on a computing forum. Good luck xx

  6. Mine just keeps trying to reinstall or uninstall when I click the shortcuts or run the program. Even if I click "run as admin." what am I doing wrong?!?!

    1. Hi Mia - I'm not an expert on this, but my first thought would be to try changing the system compatibility to something like Windows 98 (by right clicking on the shortcut) and THEN try running as admin.
      I came across info online that you can also import the disk files onto your computer and thats supposed to help, but I never tried that myself. Good luck!

  7. I reinstalled the game with no problems but when I right click to run as administrator, the bubble pops up for permission and then nothing happens. It's like the game forgets to load...any advice?

    1. I've never come across that before!! The first thing I would think of is RAM and memory space. I would do a full scan of my comp/laptop, empty the recyle bin, clear up the c-drive, defrag it, restart the computer and try again.
      If you continue to have the same problem, I really recommend asking for advice on a forum that specialises in software troubleshooting, as I'm really not an expert XD good luck!

  8. Installed fine. Go to play per steps and get user access control question asking if the game can make changes. I hit yes. Nothing happens.


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