Monday, 6 May 2013

Whispers Underground - Ben Aaranovitch

I'm not yet ready to talk about my sudden severe depression that came and subsided last week, so here's another filler blog post.

There's nothing like the Peter Grant series that cheers me up. It's soo, so funny, especially if you have a sense of humour, and especially if you're a Londoner (you'll miss a half of the jokes if you're not). Zach has officially replaced Molly as my favourite character, although she's not too far behind. Silent and glaring, but she's there.

There were quite a lot of great bits in Whispers Underground, but this was the bit that had me stifling my laughter as I sat on the bus to Uni, page 135:

"There were incidents while he was at college," she said.
   "What kind of incidents? asked Zach before I could.
   I sighed and pointed at a table at the other end of the room. "Go and sit over there," I said.
   "Do I have to?" he asked.
   "This is grown-up stuff," I said.
   "Don't patronise me."
   "I'll buy you a cake," I said.
   He sat up like a small dog. "Really?"
   "If you go and sit over there," I said, and he did.
Whispers Underground, Ben Aaranovitch, Gollancz, 2012.


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