Monday, 16 September 2013

SIRO-A Review :3

Hey dudes, been a while.

I have NO IDEA who Blue Man group are, so let's, for the moment, not compare.

I went to see SIRO-A last Wednesday, it was a matinee performance so the audience was quite a small intimate one, I'd say. If you're unfamiliar, SIRO-A is basically a show that entertains through technology, dance, music, mime, very precise choreography and imaginative visual displays.

The performance was absolutely amazing, from costume to lighting to MUSIC (oh boy, lovedd to the music) to special effects, it was very well synchronised, VERY entertaining and well worth what I paid! I really want to take my younger and older brother to go and see it too.

What I really liked was that there were many references to things that we know well, like videos games of general knowledge trivia or pop songs, so there was a connection or nostalgia element on that level that was really nice. Also, they got the audience involved in ways I didn't expect and it wasn't embarrassing at all, just really funny! (I thought so, anyway.)

And as always, the music was great and well matched to every piece. Or perhaps its the other way around...

My favourite pieces were 'BOX' and the opening pieces, though I liked all of the performances, 'T-Shirt Man' and 'BALL' stuck in my head quite a bit too. Oh, I also liked the one where the guy created a song with a shadow-ball and had his various shadows upholding the different parts, and the dancing in that piece was excellent coupled with the special effects. I want to go and see it again! ^_^

What Else?

Other than that, and other than cutting myself (oh yeah, I didn't mention but I'm back to that) and writing my book (almost finished WHOOOOO!), I'm also working on a new project, this time it's a musical venture. I know.

It's been on my mind for over a week and I've been getting my youtube and blog ready so I can post as soon as its done. I've always loved doing harmonies, but this time I was thinking about merging songs as well as harmonising, which would be really fun but of course there's only one be, so I'd HAVE to film it anyway.

I also want to start a girl group but that's WAAAAY ahead. You know me. Getting ahead of myself.


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