Thursday, 6 February 2014

Still Coping, Somehow.

All this pissing rain. Honestly, it's such a downer. Non-stop! All this rain should have been snow, if it was a bit colder - well done, global warming. Well done, human beings. What. A. Shame, 2014. I am disappointed.

I am tired, blue, hungry and with a headache. All of those things are my fault.

I've had a dream every night for the past five days and they have all been bizarre.

I am too tired to write a Psyren 14 review. Yes. I did cave in and read it.

The blog for my other ego, I suppose the Author Ego, is coming along both great and horribly. When I think about it, I want to close my eyes and sleep and eat ice cream and drink tea and sleep again and  bang my head against a wall and laugh and cry.

Money. money. I wish my life didn't revolve around money, but it does. I am sad.


The following image is excerpted from the post Gone Girl on So You Want To Be A Writer?.

Yeah. That's what I feel.


Yesterday, there was a spring in my step, I sang all over the house, I was full of energy and optimism. But that's what depression does. It sits quiet when everything is going fine, then it leaps out and attacks you... when everything's still going fine. Nothing AT ALL has changed. You feel lost and alone and miserable constantly, and it's hard to even explain why.

Trying to reach for a better feeling.

Trying to reach for a better feeling.

One thing that makes me happy right now - this song. Reminds me of Raphael Saadiq.

Also, whoever developed that site is a GENIUS.

Star xx

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