Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Eating Out

It is such a gorgeous, GORGEOUS day in London today. The sun has been out for a majority of the day and the sky was very blue with these rolling clouds. And I wanted SO BADLY to get outside but I was glued to my bed because of my - 'crippling' is the only real word for it - cramps. I couldn't stand up without being doubled over. It's rare that I've had that, also rare that Nurofen didn't work. I didn't get to sit with my Grandma, who visited today. I didn't get to help my Mum in the garden. So many missed opportunities. e_e Never mind. I got to catch up on some reading... when I could focus on the words, that is.

I am counting on more beautiful days like this one, days that make me want to sing.


I've been eating out the last couple of months. I got bored of the same things I kept eating at home, yet my appetite had been swinging around and being stupid lately. I'll feel ravenous, then not hungry at all, then hungry for a very particular thing. As a result of this I got to go to some unfamiliar restaurants, but also my skin has gotten considerably worse from all the junk I ate. After The Real Greek last Thursday, I knew I had to stop this. It's getting CRAZY. But still, I thought I'd share some delicious dishes here.

The RIDICULOUSLY skinny fries of GBK


I shared this outing with Pixie, where she showed me this creepy Russian Sleep Experiment story on instagram and I heard playing in the restaurant the song I am now currently obsessed with - Wraith, by Peace.

I had a Blue Cheese burger because since Pixie had mentioned it I'd really wanted one. It wasn't as nice as other burgers I've had from them or elsewhere.We had the skin-on chips and they were DELICIOUS. Then we had the skinny chips and they were SO.... THIN... it was ridiculous. The rosemary didn't stick to it and instead sifted to the bottom, making those chips taste overpowering. Could'a been better, basically.


I was with my older sister (let's call her Aime) this time. It would've been my third time dining there. The first time I had an absolutely delicious calzone carne piccante, I always remember it. The second time, a(n almost as) tasty Pizza Rustica. This time I decided to get this new thing called a Spiedini Pollo, basically chicken and veg on a hanging skewer with potatoes and a cheese dip. It was really lovely. Chicken wasn't as seasoned as I usually like, but oh weeeeeells.

Pizza Express

I was here with a friend from work, talking about our future (lol). I hadn't been here in ages. I can't remember if  had a Leggera Pollo ad Astra, Leggera Padana, or a Leggera Pomodoro Pesto. But I know that whatever I had, in terms of taste it was just about nice and not at all filling. It was cold that day and I didn't want a cold desert... or any type of desert actually, so my waietr laughed when I ordered a Bruschetta Con Funghi for desert (basically mushrooms on bread. Lovely).


By this time, I was VERY HEARTILY sick of both burgers and italian food and pointedly avoided anywhere that did pizzas or pastas, bar thin noodles, chinese style. I ended up going to Wagamama's with Jellybean, but I wasn't sure if the noodles would be the type I liked, so I played it safe and got the same dish I got before, the first time I'd ever been there - yasai katsu curry - only this time I got the chicken version, chicken katsu curry. It was delicious, though the rice wasn't as sticky as I'd thought so it was hard to eat with chopsticks. I did my best, then resorted to a fork.

The awful salt cod. Image from

The Real Greek

Again avoiding Italian and burgrs, I asked somewhere that was a cuisine I hadn't tried, and the same friend from work suggested this sweet little place. I was unsure how it worked and it was useful my friend pointed out to me the guide on the menu - about three/four mezes per person. With that guides, I ordered Grilled Halloumi, Salt Cod, Lamb Kefte, with Flat Bread and New Potatoes.

I had a lovely, ice cold ginger beer while we waited... for ages. That day, it just so happened I hadn't eaten since morning and was very hungry, so I couldn't' help noticing the time it took to arrive which I'm sure wasn't imagined. The waitress also took a long time to do anything for us, and it was tricky to get her attention. She did seem busy, but then again, she was a waitress and thus meant to help the patrons, right? It was about three o'clock and it was quite empty.

The flat bread came, and I gratefully munched on that - then everything else came. The lamb was incredible, the potatoes lovely - I ate them together. Then the grilled cheese, I ate like a sandwich with my flatbread and the side salad veg. But the salt cod... urgh, it was disgusting. I rarely say that about food, and I love battered fish... but the casing of the batter was much larger than the pieces of fish, so in between was a lot of this really weird tasting sauce, which gave a sickening taste. I ate what I could and left the rest.

Minus the service, I loved eating here.

As you can probably tell, I've kinda stopping honouring the suspension. I guess a writer just can't be silenced, even by her own restrictions.

Star xx

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