Friday, 30 December 2011

A Tribute To My Mother.

My mother, as I have previously stated, is a superhero.

I would say that me and my mum are close. I feel like I can talk to her about pretty much anything, usually stuff that's worrying or upsetting me - some of that stuff I wouldn't even tell my closest friends or write on this blog. I'm very grateful for the fact that she's someone who'll always listen; I know that some of my friends don't have great relationships wth their mothers...

Obviously we have our off days, (today is verging on being one of those days... *crossface*) days where she drives me mad and I drive her insane, where she does things like call me downstairs from my bedroom to pass her the remote from across the room, or I "forget" to dust off the living room furniture (repeatedly). But we grin and bear it, cuz that's the crazy sort of crap that families do.

This Christmas, she made the same old mistake of making enough food to feed the 5000, complete with desserts and drinks, minus the bread and fish. Christmas dinner lasted us three days; it FINALLY finished on Tuesday. Which was really good, because the flavours had gotten so strong that it all tasted salty by that time anyway. The best part, food wise, was honestly her cooking... barely ate any of the Roses, Heroes, Quality street, shortbread, Viennese selection, jacobs cracker selection, organic fudge, lemon whoopie pie, strudel, apple crumble, lemon cheesecake, after eights, Sainbury's organic mince pies, mince pies with buttercream, mince pies with icing, custand-and-something pie. All I really wanted was that much-loved Mama's cooking. Unlike previous years of moaning how we never helped, this year she ordered us all out of the kitchen so we wouldn't be under her feet, leaving aside complains of having to cook the whole thing (I DID grate the cheese. =] ). She is awesome.

Just like her, I also made my yearly mistake of spooning two scoops of everything onto my plate with the belief that I could eat it all. By the time I reached the end, I was so stuffed that when I looked down at my beachball stomach, I firmly believed I'd never need to eat again. Urgh. I disgust me.

Christmas aside, it worries me slightly to think about all the stuff I don't know. I wish I could upload all of my mama's knowledge into my head, but by the time scientists develop that sort of technology, (USB Brain Storage Stick, or; Nintendo Wii Reliveyourlife, how about Nintendo Rii-liveyourlife) no doubt we'll both be long gone. One of my (current) fears - as I said before, I have many - is that I can never live up to my mama's epicness - when she is actually being epic, and not annoying and nagging. It's daunting to think about all the stuff she knows that I have yet to learn. How can I ever live up to that? How can I ever get my macaroni cheese to taste exactly like that? How could I unscrew the computers hard-drive, fumble about in there and then suddenly the computer works fine again? How can I get lost on a motorway and somehow manage to get us to the desired destination? How can I 'rough it' through situations and make everything eventually turn out fine? And so forth, so forth, so forth. I don't know what I'd do without my Mum.

Dear Mama. You are the greatest person I know. Thank you for being my guiding star.

Little Star xx

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