Saturday, 17 December 2011


I know. I'm not much of a writer, am I? For the five posts on my blog so far, only one has been literature. So as I said in Star's First Venture, I'm still trying to break through writer's block. Miserably.

It's quite difficult to do this when I'm plagued with so many fears. It's sparking violent and horrific nightmares instead of my usual, thought-provoking, innovative, inspiring writer's-dreams - I hope the list of adjectives indicated how amazing those ones are. But these fears; fear of death, of failure, of embarrassment... are beginning to unravel me.

The other day, after I'd brushed my teeth and ran my tongue in my mouth, feeling the dip in my back tooth - it reminded me of the hole I'd once had in the tooth behind it. And out of nowhere, that got me thinking about pain.

Star's List Of Pain .

10. Stomach Ache. (when I was young, this would've been number one.)
9. Cuts. (papercuts, accidental knife cuts - they're so quick that you don't feel it until after.)
8. Headaches & Migranes.
7. Pressure Pain. (intense pressure on body part ie. dropping something on foot, stepping on pin, etc.)
6. Burns. (throbs for ages.)
5. Banging Your Elbow.
4. Cramps.
3. Labour. (not that I've ever experienced this.)
2. Dental Pain. (wisdom tooth being taken out or having a large cavity. THE WORST.)
1. Torture. (ongoing pain ie. burning, mutilation, strangulation, etc.)

I've yet to figure out why I've been thinking in this way lately. Maybe there's something wrong with my head - I could write about it, and release it that way, only... I'm a fantasy writer, not a horror writer. The most violent thing I wrote was Battlegame Forfeit, and even that would be Bambi compared to the things that would probably sprout from this.

Time for some detox tea and a rest, I think. Hopefully my head will be fixed in the morning; if so, I'll be full of Christmas cheer 
in my next blog post. If not... well, no doubt it'll be apparent. Yay for the oncoming Christmas.

Star xx


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